postnatal belly binding

“…my hips feel completely different! Like my feet are pointing forward again, and i swear my pelvic floor feels stronger somehow too….”


Traditionally women have wrapped the abdomen after childbirth – this has been the case all around the world for centuries. Bengkung wrapping helps with healing your abdominal muscles and your womb and taking them back to the place they should be.

This results in a flatter, stronger tummy with less backache and tiredness.

Used for wrapping the abdomen postnatally to give assist in abdominal wall retraction (diastasis recti), supports the womb after birth and speeds up the process of contractions, great for c-section healing, tightens other parts covered by the binding that may have lost muscle tone over pregnancy, improves circulation and breaks down fat and cellulite, relieves water retention, supports spine and postural realignment, supports the pelvic floor, offers back support, relief of muscular and tendon tension throughout the torso, stabilizes loosened ligaments, helps to close the ribcage and hips to previous dimensions with steady pressured support and feels great.
Leave a few days after birth for a vaginal birth and a week or so after a caesarean birth. Do let me know beforehand you’re interested if you can so I can get your wrap ready for you.


wrap only £35- + postage and packaging available at the wysewomen etsy shop here
wrap and postnatal visit £90- or skype appointment (+ p&p with skype)
(including tuition on how to tie it)


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