postnatal nutrition – feeding the mamas – freezer filling and nutrition service



Good nutritious food is really important at any stage of life but never more so than when you’ve just had a baby. It can be the first thing to fall by the way side if there aren’t many other people around to help you. increasingly doula’s are offering to fill your freezer for you.

Having trained and worked as a chef in my life before having children and then feeding all four (and many more) for the last 20 years I’ve learnt a wide repertoire of nourishing foods for postnatal families.  I’m really enjoying making raw snacks for my postnatal families to snack on in between meals these days.

Please get in touch to book this service which is £185- including shopping and all containers. We’ll plan together what you’d like and I’ll spend a few hours in your kitchen filling your freezer with delicious food to see you through the first week or so.

Available in London and Edinburgh.

Get in touch with any questions and to book 07743639508


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