“I cannot thank you enough for your help with Theo’s birth. You worked seamlessly with the midwives and my husband, which gave me more space to focus on what I was doing. I really appreciated your encouragement to move as I needed. I discovered all these ways of moving during the birth, which I hadn’t anticipated, but was what I needed to do to manage pain and help the birth along. The main thing I think about now is that despite the pain, I felt supported the entire time. I never felt alone or isolated. Unfortunately, with the birth of my first son, when I did not have a doula, I felt very alone and sort of abandoned. This birth was entirely different. Thank you for all you did.”


My costs are very simple and worked out according to 28 days on call – I put this time aside so that I can be called 24 hours a day for 28 days – added to this is supporting at the birth regardless of how long it takes. The rest covers all the meetings, phone calls, hugs, homeopathy, oils, bendy straws, emails, herbs and remedies and cups of tea that might be needed! If you are outside Edinburgh I charge £15 per hour travel. Its not an easy feat to be on call for 24 hours a day for 28 days with 4 children – I hope you appreciate that the cost reflects the commitment 🙂

this doula breaks it down for you nicely

Birth support


Coronavirus times have made us all have a reshuffle. Please note due to uncertainty on behalf of the NHS I’m currently NOT attending births.

I although still providing monthly antenatal meetings and phone support over the oncall and birthing times.

The fee is £1000- for Edinburgh families including monthly meetings and being available on the phone for support during the birth itself.  This price may include one-to-one hypnobirthing sessions with you prior to the birth, massage, reflexology and a bengkung belly wrap with tuition if you like. I aim to meet once a month until we are near birth then once after.

Monthly meetings only £750.

This is payable in the way that works best for you. I don’t ever want to cause a new family any financial stress whatsoever. Ordinarily families pay a deposit of around £200- and the rest comes whenever suits – this may be in the form of a monthly payment plan. Talk to me!

“….this amazing birth journey that I have been on has been influenced by the conversations that I have had with you over the last wee while and I wanted to say thank you for that. You have been really instrumental in opening my eyes to a different way of birth, which has empowered me more than I ever thought possible. “

Postnatal support


Postnatal support may include massage, nourishing postnatal food and juices for the whole family. I am a fully qualified chef from a past life. Knowledgeable of many traditional remedies for mama and baby’s healing, support to integrate the new addition to the family eg siblings, breastfeeding support and trouble-shooting, much listening, processing the birth story, body healing for mum including pelvic floor health with a small amount of help around the house and entertaining the bigger ones.

Traditional 40 day motherwarming package available – see details here costs £1000- this works out around £20- a day for the cover all food and remedies inclusive.

£100- deposit payable.

Charges should never be a barrier to having support so please get in touch even if you feel you can’t afford it and we can always work something out. Always.

Combined birth and postnatal 40 day support £1500 in Edinburgh

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