traditional postpartum care in your home

women are increasingly realising the importance of taking care of their postnatal wellness. having observed forty days traditional rest with my own babies i’ve really learnt the value of these early days for getting to know your baby and yourself as a mother. your new family dynamic and your body.

i’ve gathered much over my 20 years of loving and supporting mothers exploring traditional postnatal techniques, warming foods, massage, herbs, tonics and oils for healing and restoring, bengkung and other traditional postnatal abdominal wraps, closing the body and traditional massage, vaginal steaming and strategies for keeping the resting and warming going.

a postnatal wellness visit lasts around two hours and costs £90-.  it can be made up of whatever you need it to.  a typical visit includes some information around tailormade remedies for you and lots of chatting holding your hand while you find your own way to this next step in your life.

i’m now also offering a traditional 40 day package incorporating all of the above. week one i visit 5 times, week 2 has 4 visits, week 3 has 3 visits, week 4 has 2 visits and week 5 and 6 have 1. this package is £650-

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