doula support

“I was so grateful that you helped to give me the childbirth
that I always dreamed of.”

unfortunately nicola is unavailable for birth doula support currently. you are welcome to get in touch to receive antenatal support and care monthly.

So what do you get with doula support?  The answer is as simple as whatever you need!

Antenatally I come along and get to know you and give you a chance to get to know me.  This is also an opportunity to do some birth preparation, find out your needs and wants and ideas for birth and sometimes some information sharing.  If appropriate I can accompany you to meetings with health care professionals, help with birth plans and perhaps connect you with other services you may find useful.  Generally we hang out – we eat and we drink – we get to know each other – I have gathered stories from Ibiza raving to childhood challenges – it really helps me do my job to know what makes you tick.

During the birth I come along at whatever point you would like me to and support you in whatever way seems needed.  This may mean helping with other children, helping negotiate within the NHS system, massage, filling birth pools or simply sleeping in another room until needed.  People often choose doula support so they already know at least one of the people that will support them during their birth and that this person will be there throughout.  I do my absolute best to serve you in whatever way I can.

“…..makes me appreciate how a good birth can give someone resilience for life, I really feel that she has an inner strength and certainty of herself that will serve her so well. I thank you every day for your part in helping that to happen….” 

Postnatally I visit a couple of times to check in with how you feel the birth went and give you any support you might need with feeding and postnatal recovery.  You may also choose more postnatal support which is determined according to your needs – a common pattern would be a couple of hours a few times a week for a few months.  During my visits I can cook, support breastfeeding, listen, clear up, offer traditional healing postnatal remedies, play with toddlers and sometimes watch out for baby whilst you rest and then cook some more – amongst a variety of other things.

Essentially I am there to support and protect a woman’s own amazing ability to grow, birth and care for her baby.

Listen to me here being interviewed for the fear free childbirth podcast talking all about what it is to be a doula and how i understand it

Book an interview here

“Thank you again for being our birth doula.  It is a very special memory for me.”

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