virtual support

in these challenging time pregnancy, birth and postnatal services are disintegrating rapidly in many places. doulas no longer allowed. partners not allowed in early labour, inductions or postnatally. we are all campaigning and fighting to bring a better more suitable provision for the mother baby.

while we are in lockdown families and birthkeepers still need support. I’m making myself available virtually in the following ways.

the regular monthly meet birth doula support. proceeding online until we are back to our new normal. likely we squash in more than one a month over this time depending on what you need. traditional postpartum support package checking in frequently in the early days and delivering traditional healing goods tailing off towards the end of the 40 days.

free 15 minute zoom calls available to all.

longer calls £45- each for as long as they need to be to get where you need to go. for every 3 calls that are paid there will be 1 offered for free. all on a wait list basis.

so far I’ve been taking calls around all kinds of things….birth preferences and solutions to adapting to the current availability for families and birthkeepers…freebirth information…postpartum support leading partners to prepare and carry out traditional kitchen cupboard medicine and treatments for new mamas to keep them well and nourished and warm…breastfeeding support….herbal medicine support including lung tonics, virus preventatives and immune boosters

be in touch to find a time, get on that waitlist or just connect.